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Veneer Lathe : RF

Veneer Lathe : RF Veneer Lathe : RF

Veneer Lathe Model: RF

The RF is the best veneer lathe to stably peel high quality face and back veneer from small diameter log. The RF veneer lathe is equipped with a solid flat pressure bar, same as of REB lathe , and twin powered back-up rolls (upper and lower). The solid flat pressure bar ensures high quality veneer free from any scratch and pressure bar mark on veneer surface. Twin powered back-up rolls prevent log block bending and minimize spin out. Twin powered back-up rolls are made of urethane rubber and driven by the motors to give strong log rotating torque for peeling to smallest core. These mechanisms ensure both high quality veneer and high veneer yield from small log. The CNL type or CNS type log charger is recommendable for the RF for highest veneer yield and productivity.