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Veneer Lathe : HYPER

Veneer Lathe : HYPER

Veneer Lathe Model: HYPER

Nowadays, wood species for plywood are shifting from large tropical hardwood to various planted trees and small diameter softwood. The HYPER veneer lathe has been developed to correspond to these drastic changes in the market. The HYPER is the most suitable model for modern plywood factory as it does not choose wood species and can peel small log with high yield. The HYPER has two log rotating powers, one is main spindle power with large sized motor and the other is spike disk power with divided pressure bar to rotate log block from its outside. Both are well synchronized with PLC. Twin back-up rolls (upper and lower) are equipped to prevent log block bending and spin out. These mechanisms enable to peel small log till smallest diameter. The HYPER series achieve highest veneer yield and productivity in combination use with the CNL type log charger having full automatic scanning and quick feeding function.