Featured Products for Plywood Manufacturer

Veneer Lay-up System & Glue Spreading Line

Automatic Putty Line

Plywood Finishing Line

Veneer Lathe Line

Clipper & Stacker Line

Veneer Lathe : REB

Hashimoto Direct System & Direct Clipping System are linked to Hashimoto Veneer Lathe Line.

Direct System : DCS (random venner defect clipper & automatic veneer integrated stacker)

contributes your veneer recovery by Delta clipper (Defect & Full size clipping) and Integrate conveyor (integrating random veneers to make a full size sheet).

Direct Clipping System : DCL (full size long grain veneer clipper & stacker)

contributes your productivity-up by automatic full size clipping, conveying and stacking without any operator.

Clipping pattern image of Direct System

Clipping pattern image of Direct System